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"I'm a total believer in Bikram Yoga. With the help of Robert and the other great instructors, I'm the healthiest I've been in 16 years! I've lost weight, my pre-diabetes is gone, my high cholesterol is gone and my blood pressure is back to normal. Running and working out in a gym never accomplished this for me. I'm ecstatic!"

-Todd Yoshino


"Bikram Yoga has kept me from having back surgery and having to take pain medication."

-Ali Richardson


"I have had no illness or sick time off for over a year!"

-Melissa Baldwin


"I was always complaining about back pain so a friend got me the 30-Day Trial, and I've been hooked ever since."

-Matt Clarke


"Bikram Yoga has made my sleeping better,

reduced my stress, improved my overall health and decreased my anxiety."

-Sadie Bingham


"Bikram Yoga is life changing!"

-Ginny Kane

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