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We sell mens and womens specialty hot yoga clothing, mats, towels and lifestyle products designed to inspire your practice and keep you comfortable during class.


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Brands We Sell

& Why We Love Them





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Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Powder is made with premium European Gold Pea Protein and is free from gluten, dairy, soy and GMOs. It is high in protein yet low in carbs, sugar and fat. And it tastes sooooo good! We use it every day!


Manduka is all about eco-friendly and high quality hot yoga products. They are also on-point for color and special features!


We carry their travel yoga mats, which you can fold up and put into a suitcase or bag. They are extremely light weight and come in all sorts colors, which change seasonally, so there's alsways something new and fun to chose from.


Yogitoes  are specialty hot yoga towels that go on top of your yoga mat to absorb sweat when you do Bikram Yoga and other types of  hot yoga. They are anti-bacterial, easy to care for, super high quality. They also have no-slip grip features, are light-weight, and come in gorgeous prints and colors to keep you inspired while you practice.

Yoga Rat

Yoga Rat Mats & Towels are wonderful for your Bikram Yoga Practice. They are great quality products,  eco-friendly, and come in great prints and colors.  What we love the most about these, is that on top of all of those features, the price is right!


(Pronounced Own-zee)


Onzie is the first brand of yoga clothing for men and women we ever carried. And they are a studio favorite. They are designed by Bikram Yoga Teachers, so they know exactly what we need! Key features: light weight, quick drying,  super comfortable to wear in class, and the prints and colors are super fun. They are known for their super fun and trendy prints. And they make clothes for both men and women that you can wear outside of class - which we also love!


K-Deer is  beautiful, super light weight, and designed for Hot Yoga. What we love the most about this brand is that they make clothing that fits all sizes. And we make sure to carry all the sizes, so everyone has options. It took us a LONG time to find a brand that did that, and we are super excited about it!


(Pronounced no-me-no-you)


NoMiNoU is a very dear and special brand to us. The quality is off the charts and the prints are one-of-a-kind. If you haven't heard of them, you are in for a treat! They are  light weight (a bit heavier than other brands, but still swimsuit material), easy to care for, anti-bacterial, and gorgeous. And, they run large, which we love, as well.



We are their first and only clients in the U.S.A

 (Yep. Little us. True Story.)


We hope this inspires you and helps!

Wayi is a bamboo clothing brand that we just discovered. We love this brand because they use fabric that is: organically grown, 100% naturural, manufactured with no byproducts, made with AZO hazardous free dye, and is made from the MOSO Bamboo, which is not eaten by Pandas. It is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, super soft and comfy. These garments have a natural temperature regulating effect, which we also love. We carry womens tanks, mens Tees and mens socks and underwear from this brand.

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