30-Day Challenge

Do 30 Bikram Yoga Classes in 30 Days



The best way to get those life changing results

that students are talking about, is to do Bikram Yoga every day.


That's why we have the 30-Day Challenge. It's a fun way to jump in and get extra support.


We do group challenges 4 times a year. But you can do your own any time - and we encourage this!


To do a 30-Day Challenge:


Write your name on the 30-Day Challenge board.

Come to class every day for 30 days in a row.


If you miss a class, you can do two in one day.

(A lot of people ask about that.) And if you're traveling, and do some classes at other studios, that counts! (As long as it's Bikram Yoga).


And then it's time to celebrate!

Once you're done, you receive a Certificate of Completion for yourself, a Certificate of Completion framed on our wall, a goodie bag, and the benefits of all that yoga! (The best part.)